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Last updated: February 3, 2021


UCHA and MdCare is currently offering three forms of COVID-19 testing at our urgent care locations. 


    *Rapid Test

    *PCR Test

    *Serum Antibody IgG\IgM (Blood Test)


Please read below FAQ for more information regarding these COVID-19 tests offered at UCHA/MdCare.


Will you be administering COVID Vaccines through your facilities?


Unfortunately, we will not be administering COVID vaccines, you can call your local health department and they will inform you of a place near you where you can obtain the vaccine. Or you can visit where you will be able to register for a COVID-19 vaccine and it will tell you where to go.

What do the COVID-19 tests detect?


Rapid Test and PCR Test: This test will detect if you are actively infected with the COVID-19 virus.


Serum Antibody IgG\IgM (Blood Test): This test will detect if you had prior exposure to or infection with COVID-19 and have built antibodies for the virus. For most viral illnesses, a positive antibody means prior exposure to a virus and possible immunity to future infection. As COVID-19 is a novel (new) infection, it is unclear if a possible antibody offers immunity. We recommend universal precautions. These include: Hand washing, social distancing, and masks when appropriate.)


How are these test administered? 


Rapid Test: Via a nasal swab

PCR Test: Via a throat swab

Serum Antibody IgG\IgM (Blood Test): Is analyzed from a blood sample

Will I have to wait in line to receive a COVID-19 test? 


Currently, COVID-19 testing is on a first come, first serve basis resulting in increased wait times at our urgent care locations. Due to social distancing protocols and employee/patient safety, there is a limit on how many patients can be in the a waiting room at a time, resulting in lines at our Urgent Care locations for those seeking COVID-19 testing. 


In select locations we have implemented the following:


    Sign in with QR code System: At our urgent care facilities you can walk right in and front desk member will ask you to scan our QR code on your phone and complete our form online. At this time our team member will provide you an estimated wait time, register you, and will call your mobile number instructing you to come inside our location when it is your turn to be examined or roomed. 


How long are the wait times to receive a COVID-19 test?


    -At our urgent care locations, lines begin to form prior to opening, sometimes beginning between 5:00am-6:00am and increase throughout the day. 


    -The largest factor that will determine your wait time is the current COVID-19 testing demand at our urgent care location. Currently our urgent care locations are experiencing average wait times of 1-3 hours, but can be longer depending on the COVID-19 testing demand.


IMPORTANT: For the health and safety of our staff, a location may cut off the line prior to the closing time listed on our website or Google Business Page. Once the line is cut off, we will not be able to add any new patients to the line, but will attempt to see everyone in line at that point. 


In extreme cases, the number of people waiting in line exceed our daily capacity shortly after opening. In this event our locations may cut off the line at this time. 


How long will it take to receive my results or how do I view them?


Rapid Test: You should expect to receive your results approximately 15 minutes after you are swabbed during your visit. Notes will be provided thereafter including but not limited to: results, return to work, and any other quarantine guidelines. 


PCR Test: The average turnaround time for PCR (throat swab) lab results is currently 5-7 days, but can take longer depending on lab partner and other factors. Please note that once results are received you will be notified of the results via telemed. 


Serum Antibody IgG\IgM (Blood Test): Please allow a minimum of 7 days to receive your results. Please note that once your results are received you will be notified of your results via telemed. 

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