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Frequenly Asked Questions

We Moved!

Our 400 Westfield Ave. and 310 W. Jersey St. offices have moved to 637 Westfield Ave, Elizabeth.

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Now Offering Mammogram Screenings

Taking care of your health

We accept a lot of the most popular health insurance. Click below to find out more. 

We are made up of a talented and experienced team. 

We are working on being your one stop for healthcare services. Click below to see the services that we currently offer. 

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Stay Safe During the Pandemic

Your healthcare providers at UCHA encourage all of our patients to practice safety and precaution and to remain safe through the spread of Covid 19. Pay close attention to the following suggestions:

  • Wash your hands for at least 30 seconds. Specially when returning to your home.

  • Stay more than 6 feet away from other people

  • Cough into your elbow to prevent the spread

  • Don't touch your face

  • Stay home and practice social distance.

Thank you for keeping yourself and everyone else safe.

-Your Healthcare Experts at UCHA

Not feeling well? Not sure why? Come to a medical group where patient care is our specialty and priority.  Join a group of doctors who can get down to the cause of your problem, helping you through pain and discomfort. A team who through their collective experience can say we truly “have seen it all”. Experience being helped by a staff who is cheerful, compassionate, and capable. Come try us out and receive personalized care delivered in a compassionate manner.

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