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Sees Patients at:

Elizabeth & Garwood locations

Ali Khanshab is a seasoned certified Physician Assistant with extensive experience spanning urgent care, primary care, and cardiology. Throughout his career, Ali has remained dedicated to improving patients' well-being and quality of life, demonstrating exceptional skills and expertise across various healthcare settings. At Union County Healthcare Associates, Ali adeptly manages urgent care patients, occasionally serving as the sole provider. He also oversees primary care and internal medicine cases, interpreting diagnostic tests such as stress tests, performing procedures like incision and drainage, and providing comprehensive care to patients across diverse disease states.

Prior to his tenure at Union County Healthcare Associates, Ali made significant contributions to the Heart Center of the Oranges, where he managed a substantial caseload of cardiology and internal medicine patients. His responsibilities included conducting stress testing, nuclear stress testing, and pacemaker interrogations, highlighting his specialized skills in cardiology care. Additionally, Ali served as the Head Cardiology PA and Preceptor, mentoring and guiding future healthcare professionals.

His commitment to excellence and patient advocacy has earned him accolades, including the prestigious "Worldwide Leader in Healthcare" Award from the International Association of Healthcare Professionals in 2014. Passionate about serving diverse communities and engaging in humanitarian efforts, Ali Khanshab embodies the epitome of excellence in the medical field.

Fluent in English, Gujarati, Spanish, and Creole,

Ali Khanshab, PA-C

-Internal Medicine

-Urgent Care

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